Amoroc Garage Doors Review

Amoroc Garage Doors Review

Three months ago we ordered two double doors for our newly build quadruple garage. This is our experience – Amoroc Garage Doors Review

I was browsing online for the perfect affordable doors to match our newly build garage. Soon after I have started I found to my surprise a local supplier [keep in mind that we are new to Hermanus] called Amoroc Garage Doors. I decided to visit their shop in Mimosa Road in Hermanus industrial area and was greeted warmly by a lady called Gerda.

She was very professional and could answer all my questions regarding the garage doors. We went through some demo designs and they had the colour to match my house and windows.

As I am not a timewaster I ordered the double garage doors there and then. We made an arrangement on when the doors will be delivered and installed and I left excited about the choice of doors and matching colours.

To my disappointment the building did not go as expected and I had to contact Amoroc Doors and inform them about the delay on delivery date. Gerda was very understanding and told me these things happen and I must call her when we are ready.

Only a month later we were ready for the doors to be installed and I notified Amoroc Doors. In a day or so they have send a young man to do the installation which only took about 3 hours. The job was perfect and we were very satisfied.

About a week ago the one door started giving problems. Eventually the one cable snapped and the door got off the rails. My heart sank in my shoes and I called Amoroc Doors.

Gerda assured me that someone will come out and have a look. In about an hour or so the installer was at my house and fixed the problem. The garage door is now running smoothly and I am so impressed with Gerda, the installer and the whole Amoroc team.

I want to praise Amoroc Garage Doors for their excellent service at the time of the sale. Once again they have proved to be very professional and efficient with their after-sale service. We would highly recommend Amoroc Garage Doors for your garage doors and motor installations.

You can visit their website by clicking on this link: Amoroc Garage Doors or Contact Gerda on 028 313 1338

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