Capitec Review Whale Coast Mall and Hermanus

Capitec Review Whale Coast Mall and Hermanus

Capitec Bank in the Whale Coast Mall need to appreciate their clients – Capitec Review Whale Coast Mall and Hermanus.

As many readers know Capitec Bank in the The Whale Coast Mall is undergoing an renovation upgrade and I truly hope that they will get a generator or connect with the Whale Coast Mall backup power supply system while they are doing so.

Whatever the case might be I am a member of Capitec Bank and enjoy the benefits of low cost banking and will not change to another bank soon. This being said with Eskom’s load shedding level two all the shops in the Whale Coast Mall had electricity in some form of generators or getting a supply of electricity from the mall’s own backup system except Capitec Bank.

People standing in extremely long queue’s is now a daily form of acceptance at Capitec Banks at the two Hermanus branches and even Caledon.

The load shedding cause a back log in the queues and when the power comes back on clients can wait up to an hour to be served by one of the representatives of Capitec Bank. This also results in ATM queues that get longer with slow service and clients that gets frustrated and walk away.

Capitec Review Whale Coast Mall and Hermanus

As it is only possible for some clients to visit the bank or ATM during their lunch brake it is not possible to so due to the long queues and waiting period at Capitec Branches in Hermanus.

When we asked an employer at Capitec Bank why they are the only premises in the Whale Coast Mall without electricity we just got an cocky “I don’t know and I don’t care” attitude. There was no communication with the frustrated people standing in line to make cash deposits or withdraw cash.

It still blows my mind how popular banks like Capitec only have one or two ATM machines when they know that the demand for ATM’s is much greater in almost every town in South Africa. It took me 3 attempts over 3 days to make a cash deposit at an ATM and I could not complete the task due to long queues after load shedding and due to my time limitations.

Leaving Capitec Bank and using another bank has never crossed my mind. In general I am happy with Capitec as they are probably the most affordable bank in South Africa. Capitec should rethink their ATM strategy and client services. Having only one ATM where you can deposit money at a branch is not enough and the queues is still only getting longer.

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