No Burger Patties at Hermanus McDonald's

No Burger Patties at Hermanus McDonald’s

No Burger Patties at Hermanus McDonald’s? Well to put it in the kindest words possible Hermanus McDonald’s is not living up to the standards of the franchisee group.

Keep in mind that there was a McDonald’s in Hermanus in the 90’s and they had a policy that after you paid for your meal and it is not giving to you in 60 seconds then it’s free.

Some McDonald’s locations in South Africa have a new promotion that puts the fast back in fast food. The restaurant promises that drive-thru orders will be ready in 60 seconds or less.

For the second consecutive visit to Hermanus McDonald’s there was problems

Upon ordering your fast food you have to double check your order before you leave the premises. No sauces were given for the chicken nuggets that we ordered and we had to chew dry nuggets on our way back to Caledon which is roughly an half hours drive. Also the burgers was flat and tasteless.

No Burger Patties

No Burger Patties at Hermanus McDonald's

After seeing a picture like the one above we took the 15 minute journey to Hermanus McDonald’s to buy some juicy burgers. Upon arrival the cashier told us that there were no burger patties and no milkshakes and said that only chicken products are available. Personally I do not enjoy any of McDonalds processed chicken products as they are tasteless and rubbery.

For the sake of curiosity I asked the cashier when will the burger patties be available. I was surprised when she said “I have no idea”

Managers and operators should assist their staff, inform their staff about the next step and find solutions as fast as possible. The time that we arrived was 19:10 and the cashier advised me that they are closing at 10:45. This being said the poor lady have to face another three and a half hours of verbal abuse from clients that drove to McDonalds for meat burgers and now being offered only chicken products.

The quick solution would have been for one of the managers or operator to jump in a car and borrow a couple of boxes from the nearest McDonald’s. This way the cashiers could of inform clients that the burgers would be back on order in around an hour or so.

It is shocking that Hermanus McDonald’s did not have any meat burgers or milkshakes as that is what the francize empire was build upon. Poor management might see the McDonald’s at the Whale Coast Mall follow in the footsteps of the McDonald’s in Hermanus CBD.

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Update 31 April 2022

Today after a month of publishing this article we decided to give McDonald’s in Hermanus another shot. To our surprise there was no Big Mac’s and only Royal and Quarter Pounders burgers available. Those burgers are R40 more expensive and I am certain that the staffed were informed to push the sales at it is month end and they need to make money. I really think that McDonalds in Hermanus is seeing the end of days. The staff and kitchen staff was loud and we had to speak harder to place our orders.

We felt unappreciated and if we were wasting their time. I am sorry McDonalds Hermanus but that is the last straw.

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