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Online Shopping in Hermanus

Hermanus online shopping is the biggest non – franchise online store where you can buy from hardware, antiques, cleaning products and sweet and nuts and much more. We source great affordable products and we have shipping options to all suburbs of the Greater Hermanus.

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Buying online is easy and for those who are not familiar with doing so here is a quick briefing on what to do if you want to buy a product.

  • Choose the products that you want to buy.
  • Add it to the basket – you will see a little basket icon or simply just click the add to basket button.
  • You can browse the website for more products and add as many products as you wish.
  • Once you are done selecting products simply click on the view my cart icon.
  • You will now be re-directed to the cart page.
  • After you have double checked that and is satisfied that you have the products you need you can click on place order.
  • You will be requested as a first time buyer to fill in your shipping address, contact details and email address.
  • The shipping address that you use will be the address where the products that you purchased will be deliver.
  • Once you confirm your order you will receive the banking details that you can use to make payment.
  • We only use an EFT payment method.
  • You will receive an invoice in a couple of minutes in the email address that you have provided.
  • Most of our products can be shipped or delivered in less than 24 hours but please understand that some products marked on the website will tell you that delivery will be in 7 days.
Hermanus online Store - Bargains and affordable shipping

We prompt to do give our best service and will contact you once the product was shipped or when the delivery van is heading your way.

Should you require more information or want to sell your products on your website you are welcome to contact us via our contact page.

Happy Shopping!

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Online Shopping in Hermanus

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