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Traffic Lights needed at Fisherhaven

Fisherhaven is in desperate need of traffic lights at the corner of China Marais and the R43 There has been many request’s over the last decade with no success.

The reason is debatable and there is no clear answers why this matter has not been investigated. A letter has been send to Mr. Masizole Mnqasela [Speaker of the Western Cape Provincial Parliament South Africa] and was requested to respond via WhatsApp which we are still awaiting for.

Heading towards Hermanus from Botriver on the R43 the allowed speed is 120 km per hour passing the Fisherhaven turn-off and then drops down to 80 km per hour just before Hawston.

There is no clarity on where to request traffic lights for this intersection as the municipality of Hermanus also known as Overstrand Municipality state that it is not their responsibility as it is an Provincial Road.

When we contacted the Provincial Department concerning the matter they advised us to contact the Road Engineers but they could not provide us with a contact number.

We would like to call on anyone with knowledge on how to go about this matter to assist or advise the correct channels to follow and help get traffic lights at the Fisherhaven turn-off for the safety of residents and visitors that visit the lagoon slip on a daily basis.

Wild Horses in Fisherhaven - Hermanus Magazine - Traffic Lights needed at Fisherhaven

Residents of Fisherhaven is also concerned about the wild horses that roam freely in the area. Traffic Lights will be an safety advantage for people traveling to Hermanus, the residents of Fisherhaven and Hawston and of course for the horses.

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Hermanus Magazine – Traffic Lights needed at Fisherhaven

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